The Fire and Ice Peel

The Fire and Ice Peel

The Fire and Ice Peel

AestetiClinic provides an extensive range of non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments as well as medical facials and body procedures.

While recognizing the significance of incorporating regular chemical
peels into our skincare routines, we often find ourselves lacking the time for intensive peels that result in days of redness, sensitivity, or peeling (down time). This is where The Fire & Ice Peel emerges as the ideal solution.

This treatment falls somewhere between a deep facial and a superficial chemical peel. The Fire & Ice Peel is meticulously crafted to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate cell turnover and increase collagen production, leaving your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. 


Who should consider this treatment?

The Fire & Ice Peel is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive skin do well with this chemical peel.  It serves as a powerful remedy for concerns like dull skin, pigmentation, acne and uneven skin tone. Remarkably, its gentleness ensures that there is no downtime associated with this chemical peel.


Is this chemical peel safe during pregnancy?

Yes! The Fire & Ice peel is one of the few chemical peels that are safe to do while pregnant or breastfeeding.


How does the treatment work?


The initial step involves a thorough cleansing of the skin. The "Fire" phase entails the application of a resurfacing mask containing glycolic acid and enzymes. This aspect serves as the exfoliating component. Important to note, is that you will experience a tingling sensation during the "Fire" phase of this chemical peel but it is not a burning sensation.

Following the "Fire" phase, the "Ice" component is introduced, involving the application of a deep cooling and hydrating hyaluronic acid mask. This mask effectively infuses and retains moisture in your skin; resulting in a plump and dewy appearance. The last step is to apply a moisturiser and a broad spectrum SPF.

After the procedure, you are free to resume your regular activities – with noticeably improved skin.

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When can I have this treatment done?


Since, for most, there is no downtime after the Fire & Ice Peel-treatment; it can be incorporated into your normal schedule. With regular treatments, you will experience a gradual improvement in the overall look and feel of your skin.

It is advised not to get the treatment when you are sunburnt or have
broken skin with open sores.


How do I book?

You can book your Fire & Ice Peel by contacting AesthetiClinic directly via Whatsapp on 066 284 5866, by sending an email to or by completing our contact us form HERE

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